Luxaflex window coverings and sun control systems meet the highest standards for commercial, hospitality, industrial and institutional applications. Our products can also assist with satisfying the requirements of the NZ building code clause for fire retardancy. For more than 50 years, we have helped create buildings that are safe, comfortable, healthy, energy efficient and productive.

Popular Luxaflex solutions for commercial applications include roller shades, vertical blinds, aluminium venetians, Duette honeycomb shades and exterior shading systems. As well as products, we can design and supply automation systems that integrate with building management systems. The window shades and operating systems we manufacture and supply are known for world-class engineering, quality materials, versatility and style.

Central to our commercial capabilities is a team of consultants who can assist architects and specifiers with product and operating system choices. We also offer a range of free resources to assist with product selection and specification.

Manufacturing quality

Manufacturing quality

Luxaflex products and systems are manufactured with quality materials that contribute to sustainable buildings and indoor environmental quality (IEQ). They can also assist with meeting NZ building code requirements for fire retardancy. We aim to conserve valuable resources through efficient manufacturing techniques and continuously seek ways to improve the material lifecycle. In New Zealand Luxaflex can offer low VOC products. We also work with GreenScreen® fabrics, which are the PVC-free alternative to traditional shading materials. For solar shading, we employ Enduris® Glass Core fabrics that are naturally fire resistant, dimensionally stable, and resistant to heat expansion and stretching.

Energy management

Energy management

Assessing the consequences of a shading strategy in the early stages of design can have a significant impact on the energy use of a building. Solar shading transforms windows into dynamic valves for solar energy, blocking heat when unwanted and harvesting when required. Solar shading also reduces both the investment and the running cost of HVAC installations. Reductions in both energy consumption and capacity can be as much as 50%, making a compelling business case for investment in Luxaflex solutions that reduce the total cost of indoor climate control.

Operating systems

Operating systems

Shading systems automated by a Luxaflex control system manage the sun's energy efficiently by controlling light and heat before it reaches the building. Control systems range from simple switches to intelligent sun tracking that fully integrate with building management systems. Combining automated controls with a personal override to tilt or adjust the flow of daylight and heat improves personal comfort and productivity. Personal control over the direct environment is a key factor in achieving good indoor environmental quality and a sense of wellbeing for occupants.

Quality of life

Quality of life

Luxaflex intelligent daylighting and shading systems with both automated and personal control make the work environment more comfortable. Research says that People perform best when the air temperature is approximately 22 °C. Below 20 °C and above 25 °C, performance starts to drop significantly. Research also shows that people prefer to work in natural daylight and maintain visual contact with the outdoors. Real value is attached to knowing what the weather is like and what's happening outside, and this contributes to on-the-job happiness levels. Luxaflex window shade solutions can support workers' need to feel connected to nature and the world.

Luxaflex Commerical Projects

NZI Centre

The building's northern facade features Horiso® External Venetians supplied by Luxaflex. These robust blinds are a particularly effective solution for solar control, reflecting light and heat before it can penetrate the building's interior.

BNZ Queen Street

Luxaflex eco-friendly blinds were installed throughout the BNZ's eight floors within the Deloitte Centre, the first high rise to be awarded 5 Green Stars under the NZ Green Building Council's Office Rating guidelines.

Hilton Terraces Hotel

Luxaflex Woodmates poly-composite 50mm venetians blinds were selected for their visual appeal and durability. They look identical to high gloss wood, but they're much tougher and able withstand the rigours of hotel life.

Villa Maria Winery

The project brief called for an automated solution to control the levels of sunlight and heat associated with the facility's 8m-high skylights. Verosol Pleated Blinds from Luxaflex delivered the best solution.

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