Your blinds are like any other piece of furniture in your home - they too need regular tender loving care. Keeping up with it all can be daunting and at Luxaflex we’re big believers in making your life as simple as possible. It’s for this reason that we design our blinds and window furnishings to be low maintenance and easy to clean.

Although there are specific cleaning methods dependent on your Luxaflex product, cleaning is super simple and there’s no complicated system to abide to. Each method is something you can incorporate into your regular cleaning routine.

Dust gets everywhere, it's inevitable and especially with window shades that have horizontal blades, similar to little shelves where fine particles like to settle. The simplest way to eradicate dust is to give each ‘blade’ a regular dust or wipe-down with a feather duster or soft cloth. All Luxaflex products respond well to dusting so this is a great way to maintain a new-like appearance. If dusting doesn’t do the job as well as expected, you will need a more thorough removal method. Vacuuming is a great option using brush attachments or a hand held vacuum on low suction.  Be gentle though! We don’t want any scrapes or scratches on your beautiful blinds.

For the removal of stains or spot marks - cleaning with a damp cloth with mild detergent and gently blotting or wiping the area, should be enough to lift out any troublesome marks.

Plus there is always the option of professional cleaning. You can contact your Luxaflex dealer for your nearest provider.

Easy to clean and durable means you have piece of mind that your window shades will be looking fresh and new year after year. Each product comes with a cleaning guide so be sure to check out that out before you start or you can head straight to for some more tips on cleaning and blind maintenance.

Happy cleaning - as happy as it can be.

From the team at Luxaflex

*For special circumstances, such as severe soiling or stain removal, contact your Luxaflex® stockist, or New Zealand Window Shades customer services.