Us kiwi’s are an entrepreneurial bunch. Never afraid to start a business, most of the time at home even. Whether is the spare bedroom or garage, there are some things you need to consider, and we aren’t just talking about the OSH checklist. Putting together the right environment is not only beneficial for your health, but for your business prowess as well.

Clear Air, Clear Thoughts

Start with what you can’t see before you plan for what you can. Our ability to concentrate depends on being comfortable and alert. It’s our senses that inform how we feel in this space; inspired, relaxed or soporific. We can influence this environment and how it affects those senses.

Conventional equipment such as a small air conditioning unit that pulls heat and dust out of an overheated space (say from too much electronic equipment in a small room) keeps things fresh. Or, air purifiers which clean pollen and mould are useful as they’re known to niggle allergies and make you feel drowsy. The perfect office plants for those who want to go all natural but also reduce pollutants include the ZZ plant or Devils Ivy, the best plants known for promoting air quality.

Natural Light & Heat Control

A little forward planning means you can remove the need for unnecessary heating and cooling. You just need to think in advance about how to harness the effects of the sun and seasons. Home office blinds can keep warm or cool in or out, depending on your needs.

Architella® cells in some Luxaflex window coverings can deflect the glare that heats up a room. Or, if you decide to make the most of a hot summer’s day and work in the evening instead, then keep the heat in the room as the sun drops with the same blinds. The gauzy structure of many of our fabrics, such as some of those used in Pirouette®, maximises any available daylight by dispersing it gently across the room, preventing the need to switch on electrical light for longer.

Create the Right Headspace

Clutter can clog the mind as well as your home office setup. If you’re considering going paperless at home then a paperless home office is the obvious place to make the biggest change. Set up file sharing apps rather than printing, and avoid adding in surfaces for papers and files to congregate. A modern home office should take in the latest knowledge for a healthy working day; a standing desk or a sit to stand desk can incorporate storage and stop you from sitting all day.

This modular storage within the structure of the desk can make your home office furniture fitness building as well as storage and floor space smart, by being the right height to stand at. And the fashion of replicating a corporate environment at home is over; an inspiring mood or cork board and photos of loved ones will keep your spirits lifted and remind you why you’re working in the first place.

Want some more help getting your home and office on the right track? Chat with one of our local Luxaflex experts who will be more than happy to give you a hand.

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The team at Luxaflex.