Grandmas beige is back in fashion, but not like you’ve seen it before. Don’t worry, you won’t look back on this trend in horror. Neutral colours, whatever the fashion, always retain an edge of sophistication and peaceful glamour. But it’s not as easy as it looks: If pale fabrics neutral and paint colours appeal then it’s key to ensure you plan ahead to bring some depth to the scheme, or it can feel bland and cold. A little thinking can deliver a design of subtle power and quiet design punch.

On the wall

A natural fit for communal living spaces, neutral colourways are an obvious choice for adding grown-up calm. Living room paint ideas can move beyond the obvious beige colour paint into a game-changing design feature; The best beige paint colour in an interior ‘texture’ paint can add a subtle mood or an unexpected variation to a very simple scheme – so don’t underestimate it.

Material gain

Neutral colours can also be brought into a scheme very successfully through your wallpaper and fabric choices. See these elements as a way to layer a simple design in a more interesting fashion, and avoid just repeating the colour on walls. Remember, however, that this scheme doesn’t work as normal, so avoid throwing in accent colours for grey or beige (which would be contrasting tones of yellow or orange) as you don’t want to break the palette.

Night time Neutrals

For neutral bedroom ideas, a swathe of grey tweed curtains is an instant glamour win. Paired with a plain cream fabric blind this window covering combination will feel modern, but also give more light control during the day than the limited open or closed restrictions of curtains. To find the best paint colour for a bedroom to increase a sense of harmony, stay away from the colder end of the grey-hued tones and head more to warmer tones such as taupe.

Modern Neutrals

A neutral colour scheme can go beyond the traditional plain-on-plain; keeping the palette tight, you can break out from expected beige, grey and taupes. This subtle pattern in a gentle green still works as a neutral fabric as the other items in the room are so simple; the cream colour paint, the cream wall and rug with the dark lines of the window reflected in the chair frame.

Low and slow

Considering how light acts as part of your neutral scheme is important. A plain and simple neutral colour scheme can feel bleak if subject to harsh light. Adding in a translucent blind with a woven or printed pattern will filter the light’s intensity and add a glow to the space. This creates the premium feel that makes this scheme successful.

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