We promised we’d be back, and here we are.  Windows are after all, a tricky business.

 Arched Windows

Ahhhhh, the arched window, a Luxaflex all-time favourite. A true design feature, the arch needs a blind that fits snuggly and one that is fitted with precision. The Luxaflex range has an obvious solution which is not only beautiful, it is made for the Arch. The answer? Pleated blinds. They are stunning to look at but also the most versatile in the blind family. Surprisingly the Duette and Shutters - also work well with arched windows.  Who would have thought there’d be such an artillery of options.

Large Windows

Large windows are fabulous for natural light and bringing the outside in. Kiwis love a big, expansive window which is probably something to do with our obsession with the outdoors (nothing wrong with that). There is a ‘but’ though and that ‘but’ is - sometimes you also want to shut that world away. Roller blinds are a popular choice for their minimalistic design. However to make serious impact, Timber Shutters are the way to go for large, expansive windows or even try Evo external products for an alternative solution.  Both never fail to up-the-ante in window fashions.

Bay Windows

Are a definite focal point of any room, adding depth and dimension and creating the illusion of more space. There are numerous ways you could dress your bay windows dependent on the desired outcome. Countrywoods Shutters are a great long term investment, and can be mounted three different ways to maximise your view. If your Bay has a window seat then Duettes are a good option as they can be mounted inside or outside the frame without taking up too much room.  To be fair, most Luxaflex products work well with Bay windows, so ask your retailer.

So many shapes, so little time! If you have a weird and wonderful shaped window that we haven’t talked about, our Luxaflex retailers are always at hand to discuss the right options for you. Find your nearest store using the link below -

Happy window shopping!

From the team at Luxaflex