Windows are like people - they come in all shapes, sizes and personality-types.

They can be curvaceous and gregarious or slight and on the shy side.  There’s no right or wrong - better or worse (we love all window-types at Luxaflex) but please be mindful there is the right (and wrong) window covering for the wide range of shapes and sizes.

Today, windows go way beyond their functionality of providing natural light and air, they’re also a feature by providing beautiful visual structure to a room. In our opinion, windows therefore deserve a great of respect (don’t laugh!) by selecting the most appropriate window covering for the shape in question.  It should be a given - don’t you think?

Jokes aside, Luxaflex window furnishings are custom-made right here in New Zealand (yes, you read that correctly) and made to measure which means we can fit most window coverings to windows and doors of all shapes and sizes.  

We’ll start this week with skylights and angled and tune in next week for a tutorial on more weird, wonderful and wacky window shapes.


Skylights sit at an angle on the roof of the house and are great as a source of natural light and natural warmth whilst also offering useful ventilation during the warmer months.  However when left unfurnished they can generate unwanted heat or glare. So for a Skylight it is important to consider a window covering with insulation and light filtering properties so that you can be in control at all times. Duettes or Pleated blinds would be a great fit for any skylights.


Angled windows are a great modern feature sitting neatly under the arch of a ceiling with parallel lines that fit with the shape of your home, creating a sleek and modern feel. Vertical blinds are a great accompaniment, even with sloping windows.They always hang perfectly straight and the blades occupy minimum space and rotate so that the view is maximised and gives you full light control.

From the Luxaflex team