A new era in awnings has arrived: Evo MagnaTrack Image

A new era in awnings has arrived: Evo MagnaTrack

New Zealand's most advanced awning, nothing else comes close to an Evo MagnaTrack’s design and performance.

Joined by the Side Tension Channel, Cable Guide, Straight Drop and Pivot Arm, MagnaTrack marks a premium extension to our Evo External Screen range and rounds out this comprehensive suite of shade and weather protection options. This product depth ensures there is a solution for every home’s outdoor space.

Full of firsts, let’s explore the unique features and benefits of the Evo MagnaTrack and how exactly it is genuinely one of a kind.

New Zealand’s first and only self-correcting awning system

With patented magnet technology, Evo MagnaTrack is the only straight drop screen system in New Zealand with a self-correcting function. As a result, should its fabric screen ever become dislodged due to particularly adverse conditions, the Evo MagnaTrack screen will effortlessly return into its side channels — eliminating any need for an onsite service call for repairs.

Should your Evo MagnaTrack screen ever become dislodged, it is a simple process to correct. Simply retract the Evo MagnaTrack as you usually would. As you do this, the magnets will pull on the fabric.

New Zealand’s strongest wind tested straight drop screen

The Evo MagnaTrack screen system has been independently tested by James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Station in Australia to withstand wind pressures up to 185 km/h^ for a 3.5-metre opening width and up to 89 km/h for a 6.5-metre opening width.

It’s also important to note that testing accounts for more than just a sudden, short-lived gust. Evo MagnaTrack’s wind testing saw the product exposed to a consistent wind pressure over 1 minute to verify their performance — well beyond typical real-life scenarios.

This performance unequivocally makes it the strongest wind tested straight drop screen system in the New Zealand market.

Evo MagnaTrack achieves ultrawide spans with exclusive fabrics

The Evo MagnaTrack screen system can accommodate widths up to 6.5 metres and drops of 4 metres and is exclusively available with our premium Spectra Sunscreen fibreglass fabric range.

The Spectra fabric range features Enduris™ Glass Core Technology. The fibreglass core provides significantly improved tensile strength over generic polyester core alternatives. Spectra Fibreglass Sunscreen is constructed using a twill weaving technique making the fabric highly durable and fade resistant. Spectra offers excellent solar heat and UV protection from the harsh New Zealand sun while allowing diffused light to pass through.

Evo MagnaTrack’s magnetic secret

Most awnings are not fully operable when it is windy. When heavy wind pressure is present, free-hanging, cabled, and zipped systems can experience significant movement. This movement can lead to unintentional damage to the awning’s fabric or surroundings. So when the wind comes about, you often lose their benefit.

Evo MagnaTrack overcomes this issue by employing a patented self-tensioning magnetic track system. Harnessing the magnetic bond between Neodymium Magnets, Evo MagnaTrack fabric can float within their channel under wind pressure, taking a significant load off the fabric and hardware, improving the product’s lifespan while keeping everything in place.

After the wind pressure subsides, the magnetic bond of the Neodymium Magnets will automatically re-tension the fabric back to its original appearance. No sagging or stretching — a world first in functionality.

Quality built-in at every point

  • Internal headbox roller brush
    There are two brushes located inside the headbox to prevent insects, spiders, and wasps from getting inside and creating nests. The added benefit of the dual brush set-up helps to keep the fabric clean while the screen is being operated, increasing the longevity of the MagnaTrack screen.

  • Heavy-duty bottom rail
    Allows for smooth and consistent operation while keeping the fabric looking flat. It also features an insect brush to reduce light gaps, insects and debris from entering.

  • Automated operation
    Evo MagnaTrack is exclusively available with a Somfy® motorisation option. The motor solution allows the screen to be operated at the touch of a button, via a wall switch control, and even phone or voice via the Somfy® Connexoon app.

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