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Beauty is in the details

From beautiful light control to energy efficiency, we take care to celebrate the beauty in the details. It’s what has allowed us to enhance our customer's homes and lifestyles with products and services that inspire comfort and style since the 1950s. It’s our difference. Experience it for yourself below.

Beautiful light control

We design our products to offer a range of light control and privacy options with a broad selection of fabrics and materials from sheer to room darkening to opaque. The innovative design of our products can deflect and redirect sunlight precisely. Our specially engineered translucent fabrics diffuse harsh sunlight and draw it deeper into the room – dispersing the light to help illuminate homes naturally and reduce the need for artificial light. Whatever your light control needs, we have a solution.

Feat. PowerView® Pebble Remote

Unparalleled convenience

Our proprietary operating systems offer unparalleled functionality and convenience, making our window coverings easy to use with reliable performance and improved safety features. Our innovations include the award-winning cord-free LiteRise® and revolutionary PowerView™ Motorisation – an advanced home automation system that allows Luxaflex window coverings to be conveniently controlled or scheduled via a smartphone, tablet, remote or even voice control. 

Energy efficiency

At Luxaflex, we’re an industry leader in making a big energy savings difference at the window. In 1985, we invented the highly energy-efficient Duette® Shades; the world's first honeycomb blind. Our latest innovation is the Duette® Architella® Shades featuring a honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design for even greater energy efficiency. Without energy-efficient window coverings, as much as 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows, that’s why we continue to think about the impact all of our products can make on New Zealand homes.

Feat. Duette® Shades with Top-Down / Bottom-Up function

Privacy and outlooks

From dimming unwanted sunlight to ensuring complete privacy, our products are designed with unique features that provide limitless options for privacy and light control for all needs. Our innovations include the likes of the “Top-Down/Bottom-Up” system. Allowing you to operate blinds from the top, the bottom or somewhere in-between, you can provide privacy and access to natural light without the need to sacrifice the view in your home.

Child safety

As children grow so does their curiosity about the world around them. Basic household items, including window coverings, can turn into potential hazards. At Luxaflex, we consider child safety a top priority. From cordless operating systems to dust resistant fabrics, making products safer for homes with infants and young children is an integral part of our design philosophy.


With over 23,500 employees and operations in over 100 countries around the world, our parent company, Hunter Douglas, is the worlds leading manufacturer of window coverings. Innovation in every product, ever since their invention of the aluminium blind in 1946, Hunter Douglass has set new standards in Research, Design and Technology. Designing ground-breaking products with responsible manufacturing and outstanding quality, you only get the best when you get Luxaflex.

A bespoke experience tailored to you

Our trusted nationwide network of Luxaflex dealers are dedicated to providing their local communities with expert advice that is tailored to each customer, home and space. Customisable in terms of product type, fabric and opacity, operating method and accessories, Luxaflex® brings your vision to life with the guidance and advice of our experts.

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