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Boosting your home's energy efficiency

Summer is officially over (sad face) and what a summer we’ve had, the hottest Kiwi summer on record in fact! So as we take in the last bit of warmth and sunshine, and as the nights are cooler and the mornings darker it's getting to the time where we say goodbye to the cooling fans and hello to the heaters.

Heat finds any way it can to escape our homes and up to 45% of the heat within any room is lost through the glass in your windows and doors. As most Kiwi homes are not double glazed and more often than not they lack insulation this isn’t hard to believe. So whatever way you choose to heat your home, electric heater, heat pump, gas fire it can be an expensive business!

Without going to the extent (and expense) of double glazing, considering window furnishings with insulating properties is a great place to start making sure your home stays heated. All Luxaflex shades provide some extent of window insulation, but for maximum energy efficiency, the Duette and Duette Architella range is your go-to window furnishings. Both utilise a honeycomb structure whereby the cells form insulating air traps. Duette shades have single cell construction resulting in a double glazing effect and the Architella have three distinct air pockets - basically a honeycomb within a honeycomb to give you superior insulation! Both reduce heat transfer meaning they lock in the heat, saving you money on energy bills. Your decorative double glazing alternative!

However it doesn’t stop there, a little forward thinking can really help take full advantage of the natural heat and energy your home receives, so when it’s sunny keep the blinds up and when it starts to get cool, bring the blinds down - simple! Automation options are also available to give you control over your shades on the go, from wherever you may be.

Simple and easy with a little forward thinking!

Speak to your local Luxaflex dealer today about how to create maximum energy efficiency for your home.

From the team at Luxaflex

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