Duette showcase: control the light Image

Duette showcase: control the light

Whether the main goal is light filtering, total blockout or privacy, Duette® Shades are the blind for the job. The combination of Duettes’ structure and the translucency of the fabric, diffuse and filter the sun’s rays, lending interiors a softening glow. The nature of the fabrics chosen can create interesting ‘plays of light’ or block it completely.

Fabric Classes

These are fabrics that won’t let any light through. Ideal for media rooms or bedrooms; these excel anywhere people choose darkness.
Note: A combination of blockout and sheer fabric, is a clever choice for a day-night two- in-one shade configuration.


These fabrics aren’t see-through but do let light in, while protecting your furnishings from damaging UV. Vague shapes can be discerned through translucent fabrics but rooms remain private.


Sheer is a very see-through fabric, like net curtains. It blocks very little light but does ‘soften’ and colour the view outside.
Note: Sheer fabrics are often used to create a gentle mood; a little like seeing the outside world in soft-focus. Use in combination with either blockout or translucent fabrics for a day-night solution.


Another important energy-related function of window coverings is to diffuse incoming sunlight to soften it and bring it deeper into a room. This function is called “daylighting.” In addition to reducing glare and improving visual comfort, daylighting can often save energy by reducing the need for electrical lighting


At your control
Duette® Shades not only open and close in the usual way; they can also be built and installed to work with light, shade and privacy in unique ways.


Top-Down allows the shade to cover the lower part of the window whilst allowing light and view from the top. A great option for privacy.


Top-Down / Bottom-Up

Provides complete versatility allowing the shades to be open from the top, from the bottom, or even somewhere in between for the perfect balance of light and privacy.



This shade has a seamless central rail separating two fabrics (like blockout and sheer). The rail can be raised or lowered at any time to expose the desired area of either fabric. This set-up, using fabrics that perform differently, is often used to change the shade according to the time of day.



Features traditional operation where the bottom rail is raised to open the shades and lowered to close the shade.


The Duette® Shades versatility enables speciality design options. Made to measure Duette® Shades are manufactured to exact window sizes to guarantee a first class finish. All shades are measured, crafted and installed to perfection. This includes shaped options for difficult windows, including semi-circles and bays. They can be mounted inside or outside frames, and horizontally on skylights.


Want to know more?
Are you after a little more information? Through our retailers, we offer in-store and in-home consultations. Whether you want to discuss product solutions, fabric and material options, or after a measure and quote, we are more than happy to help. To book a consultation click here.

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