Duette showcase: smooth operator Image

Duette showcase: smooth operator

Duette® Shades can be paired with your choice of the largest range of operating systems Luxaflex Window Fashions offer, allowing them to be easily adapted for any window or door. Operating systems include child-safe options such as UltraGlide®, the cord-free LiteRise, or our tech-savvy PowerView® automation system.

With a choice of five, the right operating system makes life a little easier.

UltraGlide® (Child Safe)
In an effort to move towards a seamless, cord-free product offering, the existing UltraGlide® operating cord has been replaced with a new retractable soft touch Wand available in six lengths. UltraGlide® features a click and walk away system using a retractable wand mechanism to raise and lower shades.

LiteRise (Child Safe)
This completely cordless system lets you move the shade up or down by hand without cords or visible mechanics. The stylish and sophisticated handle is slightly contoured and is comfortable in the hand. The sprung reaction system inside the headrail is so perfectly balanced that the shade stays in position at the height you leave it.

PowerView® SkyLift (Child Safe)
Duette® SkyLift with PowerView® Automation is the ideal solution for large hard to reach windows. They combine the energy efficiency and light control benefits of honeycomb shades, with the added convenience of smart technology.

PowerView® Automation (Child Safe)
A completely cordless battery operated system that provides one-touch operation. Perfect for hard to reach windows and no cords in sight. The sleek, control side end cap features a discrete button and visible indicator lights, flows cleanly into the headrail profile.

Standard cord lock
The classic operating mechanism using a long cord which is pulled to raise the shade. Lock in place at the desired height with a sideways pull; another sideways pull releases the cord and lowers the shade to the chosen level.


Child Safe
When it comes to our Luxaflex® products, child safety is always a number one priority. We know what kids are like, that’s why we go out of our way to not only comply with child safety standards, we exceed them.

*Child Safe means that the operating system featured has no looped cords in which small children could become entangled or injured.


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