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How to improve your outdoor space

The outdoor area of a home is often the bridesmaid to the interior and it’s natural for most New Zealanders to stylise their digs from the inside-out. Recently, New Zealanders are recognising the benefits of improving their outdoor space and is now in the top three areas of the home to renovate. Not surprising, considering our love affair with being outside and the impact it can have on the price of a home when preparing to sell.

When looking to improve the outdoors, there are some tips to consider before taking that leap.

  1. Create a seamless connection from the inside to the outside. Similar colours, style and finishes should be used, so there is a natural flow between the two spaces.
  2. Treat the outdoor area as a second lounge. It should be somewhere to enjoy meals with the family and friends and if space permits - create a breakaway area to relax, lounge and chill.
  3. Don’t be afraid to inject colour or patterns - a ‘pop’ is all that is required and could be a bold stripe on an awning or cushion.
  4. Protect yourself from the sun, wind and rain, so you can enjoy your outdoor area, all year round. New Zealand’s weather can be incredibly harsh, so selecting an outdoor awning that looks beautiful and is built to last is imperative. The intensity of the Kiwi sun, rain and strong winds calls for serious quality and durability.

Check out our Luxaflex fabric awnings. The materials used are robust, corrosion-resistant and use fade-resistant fabrics. This magic fabric is called Planosol® and is the perfect solution for New Zealand awnings.

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