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Let there be (natural) light!

Let there be light, we hear you chant! Most people love some sort of radiance (unless you’re a Dungeons and Dragons type of individual) but it’s nailing the perfect illumination in a room that’s sets the mood.

Natural light in your home has many, many benefits. Not only is natural light a ‘must-have' feature for any family home (in fact it’s light that makes a home more appealing when selling), it can give the feeling of more space provide free of charge warmth and give your space a sense of homeliness

The Kiwi sun is fierce though and the damage it has on furnishings, flooring and artwork can be monumental. It’s slow and ferocious and almost unnoticeable and then suddenly ‘bam’ the flooring is faded and new cushions have changed colour. Not only is it costly, it’s precious time wasted repairing and replacing.

So how do we let light into the home without the aggressive and blinding UV light pouring into the home? Luxaflex has many solutions but one that’s top of mind is the Silhouette. This range is beautiful, there’s no other way to describe it. Soft and delicate to look at but built with engineering brilliance, this window covering is quite something.

Silhouette shadings are made with specially crafted fabrics designed to take harsh sunlight and transform it into softly diffused light. Filtering out brightness and glare whilst providing a softly filtered view and beautiful ambience. The unique design features two layers of sheer fabric separated by a series of floating soft fabric vanes. The vanes are adjustable, enabling them to be opened for diffused light, tilted for light control or allowing a gentle glow when closed. Plus, when the vanes are closed they offer up to 99% UV protection for your furnishings and fabrics - perfect to keep your valuable possessions in tip-top shape.

Available in either translucent fabrics or room darkening fabrics, diffusing light whilst maintaining privacy but not total blackout, Silhouettes really are the perfect balance and the best of both worlds!

From the team at Luxaflex

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