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Maybe it's versatile

Us kiwis are a pretty ingenious bunch. Either it’s something in the water or it’s something that’s bred into us, the do it yourself, can do attitude is apparent in every person you talk to. As a result, we tend to punch above our weight in terms of inventions and innovative products, most of which are probably dreamed up in the back garden shed over a tea and bikkie.

But despite all this, we have come to notice that us bunch are complacent with certain things in our lives, that simply put, just don't work that well. In our industry, it should be no surprise that this complacency centres around your window treatments. Ask almost anyone around what they have covering their windows and you’ll get one of two answers: curtains, or venetian blinds. Yeah, they work, but let’s be frank, they could definitely be better. You can have them in a number of configurations: a) open, or b) closed. And that's about it. Let’s not get started on design aesthetics. Enter our Duette® Shades, the solution to the problems you may not even thought of yet.

Duette® Shades are our most innovative and versatile product to date. We understand that every home and window is different, not to mention the required functions that you would like your window treatments to fulfil. Our Duette® Shades are your one stop shop for all your needs. At a glance, Duette® shades are a type of honeycomb or cellular window shade. They have two or more layers of pleated fabric bonded together to form compartments (cells). Duette® shades have a soft, elegant look and superior insulation properties. This is just the start, from here:

  1. Select your cell size and performance.
  2. Select one of three configurations, including standard, top-down bottom-up, or our signature Day/Night.
  3. Select from a wide range of fabrics that we have categorised into three classes: opaque, translucent or sheer.
  4. Finally, you can choose from 5 operating systems: Standard, LightRise, UltraGlide, PowerView Automation, and PowerView SkyLift.

If it seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry! We have a summary of all our product operating systems here. If you have an odd shaped window, you don’t need to worry either, Duette® Shades can be fitted to almost any shaped window, including semi-circles and bays. They can be mounted inside or outside frames, and horizontally on skylights.

So if you feel like your window furnishings just aren’t cutting the mustard, chat to you one of our local Luxaflex experts who will be more than happy to help.

Happy shopping and head to our Facebook page or Instagram for more ideas and information.

Have a great weekend everyone,

The team at Luxaflex.

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