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Not for nosey neighbours

There is some degree of privacy required in all aspects of life, it’s a basic human right. But in an ever increasingly transparent world, how do we balance privacy with with the improved outlook and experiences that come with being more open? We are not looking to get too deep here, but the same dilemma even holds true within our own homes.

Big beautiful windows are a desirable feature in any home. Increased light, better views and the ability to bring the outside in, what’s not to love? Well, if you live in all most any metropolitan area in New Zealand, you’ll know where we are going with this. Neighbours. Despite the old adage of being able to borrow a cup of sugar from them, we don’t really want to inadvertently share every aspect of our lives with them. Not to mention at night time when our living spaces practically turn into live cinemas for anyone in the outside world to enjoy. Fortunately, we have a solution that provides the best of both worlds.

Most window coverings are designed with privacy in mind and here at Luxaflex, we have plenty of choices to fit your level of comfort when it comes to privacy. Because that's what its all about, feeling comfortable in your own home. If maintaining your view without completely obscuring it is your ideal while maintaining a degree of privacy than Luminette® Privacy Sheers are the solution for you. Vertical vanes of translucent or room darkening fabric can be opened and closed to control privacy and diffuse light. Large doors and windows can be easily spanned and adjusted so that you can screen bright sun without obscuring the view. Alternatively, if vaned blinds aren’t your thing give Duette® Shades a go. Among the many other benefits, you can choose top-down bottom-up shades for greater control of what part of your windows are covered, or day/night shades that incorporate a sheer for the day and opaque for the night.

For more details on what solution is best for you to chat with you one of your local Luxaflex experts who will be more than happy to help.

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Have a great weekend everyone,

The team at Luxaflex.

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