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Q-motion - the answer to automating blinds without hard wiring Image

Q-motion - the answer to automating blinds without hard wiring

Sometimes it’s the small ideas that become the most influential. The idea of convenience and making people's lives easier started a long time ago. Willis Mullet’s father started the Wayne-Dalton Corporation, a company focused on making garage doors simpler to open. Hallelujah we say! After a long and successful history with automated garage doors going global - Willis decided to expand his own knowledge and take up the challenge of creating the latest high-tech home automation systems and Q-Motion technology was born.

Roller shades with Q-Motion technology is the first of its kind in the window fashions industry and it's a revolution that's designed with form and function in mind whilst still offering the ultimate in style and design. Simply beautiful.

If you want to add serious Je ne sais quois to your home, not to mention simplifying your life, then automation systems such as Q-Motion could be ‘the one’ for you. Automation doesn’t have to be expensive and it also doesn't have to be hard work to install. Q-Motion offers a totally low maintenance installation and upkeep is super simple, with no special tools required. No hard wiring, just standard alkaline batteries from your local supermarket will do the trick!

Within each roller tube is the concealed battery and precision ball bearings designed to minimise friction and reducing the amount of power needed to raise and lower the blind, meaning the battery life can be up to five years! (Thank you Mr Mullet). As it is battery operated, the shades can be controlled via a remote control, Apple iOS devices or even manually with your own fair hands. This also means that there’s no wires or cords, giving you a clean and compact appearance and keeping your home safe - which is perfect if you have little ones and pets running around. They are that safe that they can even be used in daycares, schools and hospitals.

Safe, efficient, beautiful, silent and timeless. Q-Motion delivers on so much more than automated blinds.

From the team at Luxaflex

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