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Country Woods® Timber Venetian Blinds

Countrywoods® Timber Venetians at a glance

Country Woods® Timber Venetian Blinds are the real thing. All timber is sourced from Plantation grown resource, no native forestry is impacted. Natural wooden slats crafted into premium window shades. Whether your architecture is contemporary or historic, Wooden Venetians give your home a relaxed ambience that never goes out of date.



Premium Timber

Timber is selected from premium mills, crafted then stained or painted. With stained slats, you can expect to see natural grain variations.

Special Shapes

Countrywoods® Timber Venetian Blinds can be made to fit windows and doors that are unusually shaped, for example, windows with a Sloping Top (max slope 45° - limited lift) or a sloping bottom (tilt only).

Easy care

Every week simply dust timber venetians with a feather duster or use the vacuum cleaner brush attachment. Professional cleaning is recommended annually.

Our options

Country Woods® Timber Venetian Blinds

Country Woods® Timber Venetian Blinds

Enjoy the natural beauty of timber with Luxaflex® Country Woods® Timber Venetian Blinds. Timber blinds provide a variety of grain patterns and natural colours.

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Suitable for: Wooden Venetians

Somfy® Automation

Somfy® Automation

Hard-wired Automation using a 240V Motor integrated in the Headrail. Controlled by a Wall Switch or Remote Control. The cone mechanism ensures that the Blinds remain perfectly horizontal at all times while they are being raised and lowered. Can be wired into Home Automation Systems.

Child Safe

Suitable for: All Somfy controlled products. Roller Blinds, Sunscreens, Awnings


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