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How to screen the sun, inside and out

Below we explore the sun's impact on you, your home and furnishings, what you can do about it, and how our designer Sun Screening solutions can help.

What impact does the sun have on your home?

Our sun does an excellent job of filling our homes with warm, sumptuous natural light. But with that often comes UV and heat. In small doses, these are great and can even promote improved health and wellbeing. However, get too much, and negative side effects can occur.

In summer, this is particularly relevant, with increased sun exposure making for long hot days high UV alerts. Though excellent for evening entertaining, some downsides do exist, including:


  • Our favourite furniture and furnishing at risk of fading
  • Our homes becoming uncomfortably warm
  • Poor sleep due to light peeking into our bedrooms, and
  • Unwanted sunburns during alfresco dining sessions


Fortunately, with Luxaflex®, these can all be avoided.


The beauty of Luxaflex sun screenings

Custom made in New Zealand just for you, Luxaflex Roller Blinds and Evo External Screens designer solution to sun screening. Defined by their contemporary profile and designer screen fabrics, these products effortlessly descend to reduce sun exposure both inside and outside the home, helping you:


  • Reflect heat to create a cooler, more comfortable and welcoming environment
  • Protect your favourite furnishings from damaging UV
  • Block out light for a better good night's sleep (with blockout fabrics and side channels)
  • Improve privacy day and night without sacrificing your external view (with light filtering and sunscreen fabrics)
  • Beautifully diffuse natural light throughout your home and reduce glare
  • Establish a cohesive and contemporary look throughout the home (with slim profiles and complementary fabric colours throughout)
  • Create an outdoor living space for entertaining while protecting guests from the elements (with Evo External Screens)

The benefits of Luxaflex sun screenings are waiting. Book a free consultation with your nearest design expert to discuss your options, or read on to find out more.


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Luxaflex Roller Blinds

Luxaflex Roller Blinds slim, contemporary profile and design versatility makes them a perfect choice for any interior. From screening the sun and filtering the light to creating darkness, they allow you to unify your home with one window covering style while giving every room the individual attention (and treatment) it deserves. 

With a focus on beauty and durability, whether it’s achieving a soft glow or protecting your furniture from UV fading under the summer sun, there is a Roller Blind fabric for every occasion. And with a recent fabric range extension, there are now even more contemporary and on-trend colours to pick from. More on our most significant update yet here.


Evo External Screens

Evo External Screen makes outdoor living effortless by providing protection from the heat, wind, light rain, insects, and prying eyes. Featuring over 190 designer fabrics and colours, complementary hardware, and a sleek, narrow profile, Evo External Screens make for a contemporary addition to any outdoor space. Available in a range of sizes, they are perfectly suited to expansive decks and intimate patios. With differing fabric openness levels, you even have the freedom to select the level of view-through to balance your desired level of privacy and view.

More on Evo External Screens here: Evo Screens: made for Kiwi living

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Evo MagnaTrack

The latest addition to our Evo External Screens range, Evo MagnaTrack, raises the standard in designer outdoor shade. New Zealand’s strongest wind tested straight drop awning, Evo MagnaTrack, allows you to enjoy outdoor entertaining and indoor-outdoor living without the weather putting a delay to your plans. So whether you are looking to enclose a large deck to create an instant outdoor living space or elevate a small patio for long-lasting alfresco dining, Evo MagnaTrack offers something for everyone. 

Discover more about our exclusive Evo MangaTrack launch here.

Through our retailers, we offer in-store and in-home consultations. Whether you want to discuss product solutions, fabric and material options, or after a free measure and quote, we are more than happy to help. 

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