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Select the best blinds for your home

Blinds are blinds...are..blinds. Tut, tut - not anymore! Blinds are now so much more than window coverings - they are fashionistas of the window and should represent your style and bring your home to life - all the while providing warmth and privacy. It’s a big job being a blind!

There’s an abundance of window coverings with a huge range of materials, textures, colours, functionality to choose from, as well as varying degrees of quality. It can be overwhelming and we get it, it’s a big decision. Let’s be honest, - windows take up a huge proportion of your home and it’s an investment. This is a long-term relationship, not a fly-by-night situation.

Selection starts with a process and may differ with every home, nevertheless this is a guide to get you started.

Window type

It sounds obvious but window type and shape is your first port of call. Regular shaped windows are great because they suit all types of coverings but not all blinds are suitable for large, angled or irregular shaped windows. If in doubt, call or visit your closest retailer -


This is the fun bit - or at least it is for most people. There are so many beautiful homes across NZ, let down by what’s covering the windows. The style should complement the décor and style of the space. It should enhance the aesthetic appeal all the while creating mood and ambience. Window shades can be subtle and minimalistic, creating a seamless finish or they can be bold through the use of colour and texture, creating drama and a focal point.

Type of room

The thing to remember here is that not every room requires the same window furnishings. In practical terms, each room has its own function and needs window coverings that support that function. For example, bathrooms see a lot more moisture and humidity than a bedroom so it's important to consider if a particular material is suitable and durable enough to withstand this.

Light and Privacy control

Light and privacy often go hand-in-hand when choosing blinds as the amount of control you have over this firstly comes from the material and its opacity. Different materials have certain qualities and functions that can fully or partially block out light and nosey neighbours or allow your room to embrace the sunshine. Added design features such as top down bottom up or day to night are a great way to manage light and privacy.

For more details chat to you one of your local Luxaflex retailers who can hold your hand through the process.

Happy shopping and head to our Facebook page or Instagram @luxaflexnz for more ideas and information.

Have a great weekend everyone.

From the team at Luxaflex.

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