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A better way to screen sun

In a climate famous for its harsh sun, UV and heat are always a concern, particularly in summer. Out and about, we know to take precautions. But what about in and around the home? Below we explore the sun's impact on you, your home and your furnishings, what you can do about it, and how our functional Sun Screening solutions can help.

The impact of the sun on your home and why you should care

The sun is a brilliant source of radiant light, UV, and heat, each offering a range of benefits from improved health and wellbeing to cost-saving passive heating. However, in excess, it easily proves to be too much of a good thing, both for ourselves and our belongings. 

In summer, this is particularly relevant. A combination of the likes of the suns angle and NZ’s clear skies lead to increased sun exposure, making for long hot days with index topping UV levels — the downsides of which can include:


  • Sunburn
  • Furniture fading
  • Uncomfortable temperatures
  • Increased energy bills, and
  • Poor sleep.


Fortunately, simple remedies exist. 

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How to combat the sun with Luxaflex sun screenings

Several key factors determine the level of sun exposure in and around your home, including window size, orientation, glazing treatment, shading and internal coverings.

For most, windows, glazing and house layout are effectively set in stone – though it is good to understand how your home's orientation impacts light in different facing rooms; more on that here

In contrast, shading and internal window coverings are simple to execute and often negate the other variables.


This is where Luxaflex® Roller Blinds and Evo Screens come in.

Combining a fabric screen and a rolling inner tube mechanism, these products effortlessly descend to reduce sun exposure both inside and outside the home, and in doing so:


  • Minimise radiant heat to create a cooler, more comfortable environment while helping reduce your cooling costs
  • Reduce UV to prevent furnishing fading and sunburns 
  • Block out light for a better sleeping environment (with blockout fabrics and side channels)
  • Improve privacy while maintaining an external view (with light filtering and sunscreen fabrics)
  • Beautifully diffuse light and reduce glare
  • Establish a cohesive and contemporary look throughout the home (with slim profiles and complementary fabric colours throughout)
  • Create an outdoor living space for entertaining while protecting guests from the elements (with Evo External Screens) 
  • Operate on a whim or according to your schedule (with automation and voice control)

If you would like to achieve any of the above with our sun screening solutions, book a free measure and quote with our product experts to discuss your options, or read on to find out more about these products.


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Luxaflex Roller Blinds

With an elegant, ergonomic design and an extensive range of fabrics and operating systems to suit your light, glare, heat and privacy needs, Luxaflex Roller Blinds make a convincing case to be a summer staple in any home. 

Luxaflex Roller Blinds functionality goes well beyond their inherent function. With an extensive range of fabric coatings, you can select additional benefits like stain resistance, fire retardant and antimicrobial protection based on preference (more on fabric coatings here). In addition, varying fabric classes, weaves and opacities allow you to meet your light control, thermal control and privacy requirements.

If that wasn’t compelling enough, Luxaflex Roller Blinds can be motorised to unlock automated functionality. Improving energy consumption, convenience, comfort and security. You can learn more about this feature here


Evo External Screens

Representing the ultimate in design, function, UV protection, airflow control and ease of operation — Evo External Screens are made for Kiwi outdoor living. Engineered to exceed stringent quality standards, Evo Screens are UV tested to ensure fabric colourfastness, cycle tested to replicate daily use for a minimum of 7 years, and wind load pressure tested to ensure more than adequate performance when conditions turn sour.

With five models to pick from, Evo screens allow you to effectively enhance the functionality of your outdoor space with an instant extension to your home. Easy to operate via a crank with a 9:1 gear reduction, Evo Screens can also be automated to allow for scheduled operation or voice control. Like Te Rā, Evo Screens are particularly effective at keeping your home interior protected from the summer heat and UV, even when doors and windows are wide-open. Enhancing indoor-outdoor living, learn more about the benefits of Evo Screens here.

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Evo MagnaTrack

Our latest outdoor product, Evo MagnaTrack, rounds out our extensive Evo External Screens range. NZ's first and only self-correcting awning system, to NZ's strongest wind tested straight drop screen (up to 185km/h), the Evo MagnaTrack redefines expectations of an outdoor shading solution.

From its patented self-tensioning system and automated operation to exclusive Spectra Sunscreen fibreglass fade-resistant fabric, the Evo MagnaTrack is packed full of unmatched features. Built with NZ's conditions and particularly harsh UV in mind, there isn't anything that this heavy-duty product leaves to chance, all while maintaining ultimate user functionality and outdoor liveability.

Learn what makes Evo MagnaTrack the ultimate solution for outdoor sun, wind and rain protection as well as light and privacy control in our launch overview here.

Through our retailers, we offer in-store and in-home consultations. Whether you want to discuss product solutions, fabric and material options, or after a free measure and quote, we are more than happy to help. 

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